Markets and Capacities

AIS is a leader in the convenience store inventory industry. We've redefined inventory processes within the industry across the United States. Below you'll find our areas of expertise and specializations.

Convenience Store Markets

The convenience store industry has developed facilities of all sizes and types. Our vast experience allows us to develop the most precise and dependable service processes in each environment.

  • Regional C-Store Chain
  • Independent Convenience Store
  • National Chain
  • Buy/Sells
  • 200 to 5000+ sq ft Stores
  • Cafes, Delis, Added Services
  • Liquor Stores
  • Tobacco Shops

Inventory Capacities

AIS offers inventory services on your terms with a business model developed for the customer. We will devote the resources neccessary to complete an audit in your time frame and on your schedule.

  • Single Auditor Inventory
  • Multi-Auditor Teams
  • Custom Audit Time Length
  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Other Schedules
  • Custom Scheduling Guidelines
  • Joint Schedule Setting


AIS teams will conform to your geography to serve your locations with the most efficiency. Contact us to find out more about our geographical coverage.