Why Choose AIS?

Advanced Inventory Solutions, Inc. provides convenience stores with customized inventory services. Our customers have access to industry-leading solutions through efficient processes, advanced technology, and dedicated auditors.

C-Stores use AIS

AIS partners with C-Stores to service their inventory-related needs and offer additional solutions of which enhance customer relations, offer the highest quality and value in everything we do, and compliment our position as the foremost of inventory solution providers.

  • Contracts are not forced on our partners.
  • First priority in service and scheduling.
  • Completely customizable inventory processes.
  • Tailored inventory programs to fit your needs.

Our people make us great...

Advanced Inventory Solutions prides themselves on the high quality of team leaders and auditors you will see in your facilities. We use exceptionally skilled team leaders versed in C-Store environments and current technology.

  • Background Checked
  • Drug Screened
  • HIPAA Trained
  • All full-time, first shift employees
  • Auditors have only one job - your stores
  • Well-trained, efficient, and dedicated personnel
  • Auditors trained prior to being in your sites, with your needs in mind
  • Professional and inconspicuous

Efficient, advanced technology

AIS uses the most efficient, advanced technologies and processes in the industry. The moment an item is recorded, it is in the system and can be reviewed, flagged for a recount or edited.

  • Real-time data system.
  • No more waiting like the "batching" style some inventory services still use.
  • Developed internally and not currently used elsewhere.
  • Perfect technology for the C-Store industry.
  • Clients use our RealTime Audit Partner.

RealTime Audit Partner utilizes real-time data entry, giving your on-site managers full transparency into the entire audit. Read more about RealTime Audit Partner here.

Watch and read testimonials to see, firsthand, why you should choose AIS.

AIS is commited to supporting charitable organizations in our community and throughout the US. Read more about our individual and corporate community involvement.